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Linear actuators
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2011-6-16 16:57:15
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Linear Actuators, which include: the magnetic rodless cylinder consisting of drive components, driven by the drive components for sports slide, for sliding along a straight line guide rail station and drive components are connected to the first end Ministry and the second end of a pair of end pieces, including: Slide rails installed in the groove, roughly perpendicular to the sliding rail station along the direction of motion of the width direction is smaller than the width of the sliding table. Electric Linear Actuators, also known as screw or cylinder or electric Linear Actuators. Toshio Sato; Miyazaki Shogo; Ueno as the central co-inventor of Linear Actuators designed main function is to move the load as a straight line, similar to the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder of the entire system, including: Linear Actuators (LA); control device (LAK) and the button box Keypad (LAP) LA used motor voltage DC 24V DC and 12V DC systems are currently the largest thrust 10000N (1000kg) LAN3
Industrial ---------- variable speed gear box, body positioning, material lift ....
--- Casual home living with a bed, nursing bed, lockers, sweeping machines, sanitary equipment.
Office automation - computers with tables and chairs, smoke windows ... ....
Medical equipment ---- optometry equipment, dental equipment, hospital beds, electric wheelchairs ....
Vehicles ---------- seats, roof, door ... .......

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